The fastest way to learn French online is to work with a coach

French learning coach Angel Prétot helps international business people and NGO workers learn the French they need, fast, so they can complete their missions successfully.

This is the process he uses:

  1. Creating a “Roadmap To Fluency”

This is a personal curriculum for each student including content, routine and resources.

  1. Recorded courses to save coaching time and deepen knowledge.
  2. Safe space to practice
  3. Frequent self-evaluation

It’s not how much you know but how you feel about your ability that is critical. The coach makes sure you feel secure and confident, and teaches the skills (language and personal growth) to achieve this.

Content – what the student needs to learn, and nothing else. It is individually tailored for each student.

Routine – designed to integrate into the student’s existing lifestyle with only minor adjustment.

Resources – it’s a good one if you love it and it teaches you what you want to learn.

As you can see this way of learning just makes sense and it’s a wonder that just one coach offers it.  You can learn more over at and get started for free with the French Fluency Starter Kit.