Online Degrees in High Job Growth Fields

If the current pandemic crisis has taught us anything, it is the importance of being able to adapt and to reinvent yourself under ever-changing circumstances. It affects not only people’s lives but also businesses, industries and even governments. To land a successful career, you need to focus on industries and fields that are currently experiencing a high level of job growth or will do so in the nearest future. The most efficient (if not the fastest) way to empower your career turnaround, is by getting one of the thousands of online degrees available out there, related to the high job growth field of your interest. Depending on your level of education, this can be done through an undergraduate degree (Bachelor’s), or through a post-graduate degree (Master’s). But how can you know which industries and specializations are booming right now, and will keep expanding in the years to follow?

By looking at the latest official statistical data, mainly the Occupational Outlook Handbook from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, we have compiled this list of the fastest growing occupations and professions in 2021. We believe it will still be growing even five years from now, coupled with some relevant online degrees to help you prepare for them. Here they are, in no particular order or hierarchy:

  1. Physician Assistant or Physician Associate (PA). The physician assistant is a mid-level healthcare provider who offers primary care to patients, while also practicing medicine on teams with physicians and surgeons. Besides the relevant degree, a PA needs to be licensed by the state.

Job Outlook, 2019-2029: 31% growth.

Example of Relevant Online Degree: Bachelor of Applied Science / Physician Assistant Studies from Miami Dade College.

  1. Information Security Analyst. Information Security Analysts handle the protection of a company’s servers, networks and systems, by building an information security plan and taking the measures necessary to enforce it, at all times. These professionals are truly indispensable for any modern company, but especially for online companies and the IT industry.

Job Outlook, 2019-2029: 31% growth.

Example of Relevant Online Degree: Bachelor of Science in Computing & Security Technology from Drexel University.

  1. Statistician. This job title is pretty much self-explanatory – statisticians are data scientists and analysts who work with statistics. They perform mathematical modeling, analysis, experiments, simulations and, of course, forecasts, in a variety of settings – government, healthcare, research & development, education, marketing, psychology, sports and many more.

Job Outlook, 2019-2029: 33% growth.

Example of Relevant Online Degree: Bachelor’s in Mathematics and Statistics from the University of Southern Queensland.

  1. Nurse Practitioner. Nurse practitioners include midwives, anesthetists and other practitioners who provide primary, as well as specialty healthcare. They work in clinics, physician’s offices and hospitals. Much like the Physician Assistant, a Nurse Practitioner needs a state-issued license, aside from a Master’s degree, in order to be able to practice.

Job Outlook, 2019-2029: 45% growth.

Example of Relevant Online Degree: Master of Science in Nursing from Georgetown University.

  1. Operation Research Analyst. An Operation Research Analyst is a top-skilled, highly analytical specialist who uses various tools and techniques (data collection, statistical analysis and forecasts, mathematical modeling etc.) to optimize a company’s operations. The ORA is basically a troubleshooter who identifies existing issues and formulates recommendations to improve daily business activities, from a cost-effective standpoint.

Job Outlook, 2019-2029: 25% growth.

Example of Relevant Online Degree: Master of Science in Operations Research from Columbia University.

The findings that we have presented suggest that all professions mentioned above will remain in-demand jobs irrespective of trends. Hence, striving to get an online degree for one of these professions will surely pay off in a couple of years from now. However, reaching a final decision you should not rush, give exclusive attention to the matter. Make sure that you pick one of the top academic programs in the field of your choosing, and your efforts will be rewarded in future. f you need help with your CIPM examination, check CIPM Past Questions.

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