Vegetable & Landscape GardenerLittle St. Simons Island – Georgia

Vegetable & Landscape GardenerLittle St. Simons Island

Little St. Simons Island



Description:  Little St. Simons Island ( is a privately-owned barrier island in coastal Georgia accessible only by boat.   Its lodge is a destination for as many as 32 overnight guests with extraordinary opportunities for bird watching, wildlife viewing, fishing, hiking, and kayaking.   The half-acre organic garden supplies fresh vegetables, fruit, berries, herbs, and cut flowers to the lodge for the benefit of guests and staff. The garden and native landscaping of the grounds serve an important role in teaching visitors about sustainable land-use, conservation, and horticulture.



  • Manage and maintain the Garden using organic and sustainable growing methods with a focus on soil building, crop rotations and integrated pest management strategies. 
  • Maintain and improve garden infrastructure: Electric fencing, drip irrigation, raised beds, composting systems.
  • Work closely with island chef to determine crops, timing, harvests.

Hydroponic production

  • Use existing NFT hydroponic system and hoop house to produce greens (winter) and herbs (summer).

Composting and vermicomposting

  • Receipt and handling of organic waste from the lodge kitchen, using existing composting and vermicompost facilities in the garden.

Education and guest interaction

  • Engage guests with educational talks sometimes in the garden, sometimes in an indoor presentation setting.
  • Maintain and update signage to enable self-guided walks by guests.
  • Manage Garden blog and social media posts.

Native landscaping / conservation (In collaboration with Ecological Manager)

  • Maintain heritage plantings in lodge compound (especially in Helen House garden), as well as native plantings in collaboration with the Ecological Manager when needed.
  • Help maintain viewsheds and trails through natural vegetation around the Lodge compound.
  • Remove invasive/exotic species around the Lodge Compound.

Administration and maintenance

  • Maintain and track all horticulture tools and infrastructure. Refer major maintenance to maintenance department.
  • Manage record-keeping for crops and produce.
  • Prepare and account for annual budget for horticulture department.

Supervision and Reporting

  • Educate and oversee part-time gardener and supervise volunteers and interns when applicable.
  • Report to the General Manager (and the property owners as needed).
  • Plan crop and harvest schedules in collaboration with the executive chef, on a seasonal and weekly basis.


  • At least one year of experience growing produce in a commercial garden or farm, preferably in coastal soils.
  • Understanding of soil management principles.
  • Keen interest in culinary gardening.
  • Ability to lift and carry 30lbs.
  • Ability to operate and maintain of light landscaping machinery (mowers, blowers, trimmers etc.).
  • Tolerance of high summer temperature and humidity; seasonally high concentrations of mosquitoes, gnats and deerflies.
  • Enthusiasm for teaching and conducting educational talks.


  • Subsidized health, dental, and vision insurance
  • 401k with company match
  • Paid vacation and holidays
  • On-island housing (one-bedroom private apartment), all utilities, meals


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