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Technician CAD Drafting


Phoenix, AZ



Job Brief

Under general supervision, accompanied by support from drafting and engineering personnel, performs technical and design drafting assignments. Application of fundamental engineering and advanced CAD drafting skills required to formulate and prepare complex and detailed engineering drawings associated with the construction, modification and maintenance of projects and facilities.

Job Responsibilities

Utilizes CAD drafting skills to prepare drawings from rough sketches, notes, marked-up prints, written/verbal instructions, and calculations.
Research, extracts, and integrates engineering data obtained from various sources to produce required CAD documented designs.
Responsible for reviewing all information received from others on the team or formulated by self for accuracy and completeness to minimize rework caused by drafting/engineering errors.
Performs field checks as necessary to assure new designs will interface correctly with existing facilities and systems.
Applies engineering theory and/or performs necessary mathematical calculations to achieve the completed design.
Assists in developing new and improving CAD graphic and drawing procedures through experimentation and innovation.
Assists supervisor in the training and instructing of drafting personnel, as required.
Assists in providing technical assistance and quality assurance for other drafters in support of overall design effort.
Performs and may lead other drafters in field research on temporary assignments away from permanency headquarters.
Responsible for submitting requests for technical support, simplifying, and expediting drawing procedures.
Performs production design drafting and/or checking.
Assumes duties and responsibilities of a higher classification, if designated for upward mobility training.
Applies knowledge, skills, and experience to one or more engineering/drafting disciplines as assigned; remains current with engineering and drafting technology and related applications.


College level coursework (100+) from an accredited institution will be evaluated on an individual basis according to the skill/level to determine if applicable to the position by management.


Drafting technician with a thorough knowledge and understanding of drafting standards, practices, and various computer graphic systems and software. Familiarity with SRP standards and practices through attainment of senior level drafter status under the progressive requirements for paraprofessional salaried jobs.

At job entry, placement will be determined by a review of college transcripts and related work experience. A minimum of 6 years of related experience is required for the senior level. Once placed into the job family, an employee may become eligible for promotion by demonstrating the ability to perform advanced and more difficult work as determined by their management and meeting experience requirements.

Additional Information

  • Specific knowledge of electrical, mechanical, and civil systems design concepts and drafting practice.
  • Specific knowledge of various computer system and software as it relates to engineering and design.
  • Ability to analyze problems and determine type of assistance required and/or procedures to be followed to solve them.
  • Ability to conceptualize, develop and implement application specific communication and training materials rapidly as needed.
  • Proficient with AutoCAD or Bentley (MicroStation / ProjectWise), Adobe and Microsoft Office tools.
  • Proficient with Autodesk Inventor, Fusion 360, SolidWorks or any other 3D CAD design package.
  • Ability to understand basic computer programming concepts in support of departmental tools and needs.

Specific Departmental Needs

  • Update and creation of guidelines, manuals, standards, and specifications
  • Drafting tools lead for versioning, updating of custom tools, coordination with consultants and internal experts
  • Information Consultant (IC)
  • Support for other software/platform implementation efforts
  • Other tasks as assigned

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