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Tech Spec I

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The Gas Service Scheduler is set in a high paced environment which requires organization, multi-tasking, analytical, and communication skills. Functional work varies from prioritizing the scheduling of compliance work such as gas leak assessments and routine meter exchanges to customer-requested work such as meter orders.

Job Description / Responsibilities

  • Assisting with the scheduling of all employee training and meetings.
  • Monitoring workload and resources available and making appropriate adjustments.
  • Running overtime lists to obtain additional resources as needed.
  • Coordination of gas service field employee on-call for the Southeast headquarters, as necessary.
  • Scheduling for commercial and utility employees (e.g., order creation, ordering materials, managing annual inspections, monthly reads, coordinated jobs, and customer requested work).
  • Scheduling objectives include Service On-time Commitments, non-premise time reductions, gas leak response, and compliance requirements.
  • Excellent communication skills are a requirement as the role interacts with many levels and groups in the Distribution and Customer Operations (DCO), from management to field employees.
  • Performing these duties with minimal daily supervision, thus requiring good decision-making skills and ability to make the appropriate contacts to get questions answered as needed.

There is also an expectation of overtime to be worked to support the department in times of need and in covering employee absences.


  • A high school diploma ORGED equivalent.
  • One or more years of customer service / technical work experience.
  • Intermediate or Advanced proficiency with Microsoft Excel.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Completion of college level courses or a degree in a scientific or technical field.
  • Beginner or Intermediate proficiency with Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • Experience reading blueprints or schematics.
  • SAP (back office) and CRM7 (front office) experience.

Essential Functions

  • Performs technical support functions and more complex tasks including establishing workload and organizing and conducting assignments according to deadlines.
  • Sets up tech support systems including record maintenance, data submission, and project management.
  • Provides backup department support.
  • Prepares reports, and tech support material as directed from time-to-time.
  • Maintains confidentiality.
  • Performs or establishes procedures for tech support functions and actions including records, tracking of information, maintaining logs/spreadsheet, and other similar technical support.
  • Under general direction, prepares special or one-time reports, summaries, or replies to inquiries, selecting relevant information from a variety of sources such as reports, documents, correspondence, other areas of the Company, etc.
  • Ensures that requests for action or information are relayed to appropriate staff members; ensures that information is furnished in a timely manner; decides whether a higher authority should be notified of important or emergency matters.
  • Periodically evaluates process and program effectiveness and takes action to maintain continuous improvement.
  • Follows all safety rules and procedures and contributes to the safety of co-workers and the general public.
  • Participates as an active technical support team member by contributing to program development and organization planning.
  • Operates a computer terminal and utilizes necessary software applications.
  • Produces supporting engineering design documents through various computer applications.
  • Receives and supports field calls to address questions with job packages and assists in troubleshooting.
  • Have aptitude and ability to learn and perform the duties of the job including learning new designs reflecting new equipment.
  • Willing and able to follow instructions, assist in training of co-workers, and cooperate with other employees and customers.
  • Performs responsibilities in a manner that clearly shows effective communication and cooperation and that promotes open exchange of information, respect, high ethical standards and professionalism.
  • Maintains work areas in a clean and orderly manner.
  • Regular attendance is expected.


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