Senior Investigator – Olympia, WA

Senior Investigator

Office of Independent Investigations-Washington State

Olympia, WA


Senior Investigator

Office of Independent Investigations-Washington State – Olympia, Washington

Feb 21, 2023

Application Deadline:
Apr 1, 2023

Salary Information

Entry Level:
$60714 annual
Top Pay:
$97142 annual

Job Description

What this job is about: The Senior Investigator will be an integral and collaborative member of a diverse investigation team that conducts complex high-profile investigations. In this role, you will investigate police use of deadly force incidents using a fair, thorough, transparent, and competent approach.

What is OII? In 2021, the Washington State Legislature created the Office of Independent Investigations (OII), captured in ++RCW 43.102++. This is in response to the demand for change from the community over citizen deaths resulting from encounters with law enforcement. The law requires these use of deadly force investigations to be truly independent of the involved law enforcement agency.

OII will define a new approach to investigating use of deadly force incidents by removing conflicts of interest and improving accountability, transparency and the public’s confidence. Doing so will strengthen the relationship between police and the community while building public trust and promoting effective policing.

Respond to the scene of law enforcement incidents involving the use of deadly force which results in death or serious bodily injury.

Subject to 24-hour availability and must be willing to work non-standard hours, including long shifts, rotating shifts, holidays, and weekends, as required.

Organize and analyze case facts and evidence to determine the course of the investigation using appropriate investigation methods and procedures.

Adhere to legal requirements and responsibilities when gathering and preserving evidence to be used to conduct a fair, thorough, and transparent investigation.

Identify, collect, and preserve evidence for the purpose of substantiating facts.

Conduct in-person interviews with involved law enforcement officers, witnesses, and others relevant to the investigation.

Gather and digitally record statements of fact pertinent to the investigation, which may include interviews of an adversarial nature.

May be required to act as a liaison to affected family members and members of the community during critical incidents.

Research and obtain records and documentation related to personnel, medical information, and other evidence.

Gather, review, and evaluate police reports, medical documents, collision reports, death certificates and any other related documentation.

Coordinate with federal, local, and state law enforcement agencies, and other stakeholders regarding investigations.

Coordinate with Medical Examiners and Coroner’s offices to gather relevant information relating to the incident, including attending autopsies of deceased parties.

Follow up with any leads received by law enforcement and the Office of Independent Investigations.

Document all investigative activities using a case management system, as per OII business rules and standards.

Objectively analyze, focus, resolve, and report on relevant investigation issues employing a full range use of investigative methods and procedures; to include conducting research using the internet and other databases.

Manage, organize, document and complete a case load of investigative assignments in accordance with established priorities and standards of quality as established by OII.

Protect confidentiality of Criminal Justice Information (CJI) data.

Complete all training required regarding criminal investigations, community relations, and other training as required by RCW 43.102.060.

May be required to testify in court, and/or legal hearings.

Safely operate a state assigned vehicle to conduct field work.

Train or assist with training of other Investigators and provide ongoing mentoring as needed.

Additional Information

Visit: **[Senior Investigator | Job Details tab | Career Pages ([0]=Office%20of%20Independent%20Investigations&sort=PostingDate%7CDescending&pagetype=jobOpportunitiesJobs to apply.**

Position is Overtime Eligible

Assigned Vehicle

Job Requirements

Age: n/a

Education: See Required

Experience: See Required


Required Qualifications:

Five years' experience leading major crimes investigations, with a focus on leading homicide investigations in a law enforcement, criminal justice, or government agency.

Knowledge of Washington practices, including laws, policies, and procedures related to criminal law, criminal investigations, and policing. Significant knowledge of comparable practices outside of Washington can be substituted for this requirement.

Experience using data and information to assess and understand issues, evaluate options, form conclusions and make decisions.

Extensive experience managing a caseload, to include prioritizing cases, and managing multiple, long-term, assignments.

Knowledge of the rules of evidence/chain of custody necessary to protect the integrity of evidence that law enforcement gathers during an investigation.

Knowledge of police oversight and importance of training to understand the impact and effect of racism in the investigation and know how to use an antiracist lens to conduct independent investigations work.

Excellent interpersonal skills including sensitivity, empathy, discretion, and tact when dealing with those impacted by investigations and sensitivity to issues related to culture and gender.

Ability to interpret relevant laws from the Revised Code of Washington (RCW) or Washington Administrative Code (WAC) pertinent to the mission of OII.

Ability to read and write English and write detailed and comprehensive incident reports.

Contact Information

Vicki Kamin

[email protected]

Office of Independent Investigations-Washington State

Olympia, Washington 98512

phone: 3608678576


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