Retail Shop ManagerThe Acadia Shops – Bar Harbor, ME

Retail Shop ManagerThe Acadia Shops

The Acadia Shops

Bar Harbor, ME


Are you looking to continue what you know how to do in a beautiful setting, or perhaps you’ve started working in Retail and have some experience and are looking to continue that path.  We’re looking for the right person to join our management for the 2023 season.  

The ideal candidate has retail management experience, though I love to meet new people and welcome a conversation with anyone where this could be a good fit.   Having an interest in living in an iconic coastal town and looking forward to exploring all that this area has to offer is a key element of a fulfilling wholesome experience.  You may already be in the area and know what wonders it has and looking for a new adventure with an established retailer in Bar Harbor.  

Have you wanted to visit Bar Harbor at the doorstep of Acadia National Park?  The Acadia Shops has been serving visitors of Acadia NP for 90 years and consists of 7 shops plus an Ice Cream shop downtown Bar Harbor and 1 other shop in a neighboring town, Southwest Harbor.  We’re looking for the right individual to join the management team to help continue providing outstanding hospitality to visitors of this area.  There is a good team in place to work beside help learn the position hopefully for many seasons to come.

The Retail Shop Manager is responsible for all the day to day activity of the shop.  Scheduling and working with a team toward the common goal of doing the best that we can for the people we’re working with and the people who visit our shops.  Training and working with staff to become a team with everyone finding best fit and improving upon all the daily tasks.   Merchandising and updating displays is a good creative outlet that helps a shop really stand out.  This position requires working on the point of sale, lifting and moving bins of merchandise and keeping cash and transactions secure.

Our season typically runs from May through October, though there is preparation to be done before the season and ramping down once the weather turns chilly.  Our shops are open from 8:00am to 11:00pm and a variety of shifts seems to work best and give the best understanding of the shop’s needs.  We have apartment housing available downtown Bar Harbor.

Thank you for considering this position and I hope you choose to explore this opportunity.


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