Reservoir Engineer Director – Houston, TX

Reservoir Engineer Director

Spire Inc.

Houston, TX




The Manager/Director – Storage Reservoir Engineering based in Houston, TX, with responsibilities to oversee and manage well-related engineering, reservoir performance, downhole operations, new well/workover planning, and PHMSA compliance.   The position will work alongside the Spire Storage operations personnel to determine optimal operational configuration and practices to maximize performance from Spire' Belle Butte and Clear Creek reservoirs.   Interface with the required regulatory agencies and Spire compliance personnel to obtain/maintain permits for wells.   The position report to President, Spire Midstream.

Duties and Responsibilities

The reservoir engineer will be directly responsible for traditional reservoir engineering subjects, but may also be called on to contribute to a variety of tasks required for the efficient and successful operation of the gas storage field. The candidate will utilize their expertise in reservoir engineering and draw from a strong working knowledge of production, completion, drilling, and facilities engineering to accomplish the goals and objectives set forth by management. These responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Develop, recommend and oversee reservoir management strategies.
  • Review and become familiar with the current mapping, reservoir parameters, well testing data, reservoir modeling, and overall reservoir interpretation.
  • Utilize material balance and volumetric analysis to verify inventory and confirm reservoir integrity.
  • Monitor offset well production patterns for indications of gas migration.
  • Evaluate injection patterns to maximize the efficiency of storage operations and minimize the volume of non-effective gas.
  • Determine the maximum capacity of the reservoir and evaluate the potential of increasing maximum field pressure beyond the initial discovery pressure (known as delta-pressuring').
  • Determine base gas volume requirements and prepare deliverability projections to be utilized by the commercial group and system control.
  • Work directly with geologists to incorporate analysis of pressure, production and injection data into geologic interpretation. Collaborate with geologists to identify any remaining gaps in understanding and devise approaches to make necessary refinements.
  • Oversee any and all reservoir modeling efforts. Assess value to be found in both static and dynamic modeling projects, identify potential limitations brought on by data set, and manage design/construction phase as needed.

Essential Characteristics and Competencies

  • Experience with underground storage geology, reservoir management, and operations
  • Knowledge of/experience with salt cavern storage a plus
  • Knowledge of well-completion technology and techniques
  • Understand and exposure to PHMSA 1171 storage integrity regulations
  • PC skills including knowledge of Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Ability to communicate efficiently with Spire operations (verbal and written)
  • Advanced organization skills and flexibility to handle and prioritize multiple projects in a fast-paced environment to meet critical deadlines
  • Management skills to oversee storage reservoir/geology consulting firms utilized by Spire

Required Education (certifications, licenses)

  • Bachelor's or Master's degree in petroleum engineering, geology or related field
  • PE license (or EIT) desired but not required
  • Candidate must have at least 3-5 years of direct storage reservoir engineering experience

Required knowledge, skill and abilities

  • Review the current coring program to interpret testing results. Collaborate with geologists to recommend and manage additional core testing and analysis, if necessary.
  • Complete pressure transient analysis to determine reservoir characteristics and constrain geological interpretation. Recommend stimulation candidates based on findings.
  • Identify locations for future drilling to support deliverability goals.
  • Analyze existing data and conduct flow tests to evaluate the performance of injection/withdrawal wells. Recommend stimulation candidates based on findings.
  • Maximize any secondary hydrocarbon production through reservoir management strategies and the proposal of new growth projects, pilot programs, and completion technologies.
  • Utilize information gathered from formation evaluation and flow testing to devise field completion strategies, identifying targeted interval, perforation gun/technique, and post-completion wellbore configuration. Supervise all completion work to ensure execution according to design specifications.
  • Oversee surveillance program of wellhead pressures to monitor wellbore integrity. Identify anomalies and conduct additional testing and logging as necessary to assess the situation and advise on remediation.
  • Ensure compliance with all state and federal regulatory agencies. Ensure company adherence to best practices stipulated in API 1170 and API 1171 documents.
  • Communicate effectively with other team members to provide technical support to surface operations and commercial planning.
  • Assume a leading role in due diligence exercises conducted on acquisition prospects.
  • Closely manage any task delegated to third-party groups and/or consultants. Devise scope of work, evaluate proposed workflow, monitor progress, and maintain project deadlines.


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