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Sharon, CT


Company description

Q Farms is a small farm located in the northwest corner of Connecticut.  We currently have 250 laying hens, bees, nut trees and fruit trees.   We currently donate most of our egg production to local food pantries as well as sell out of our on farm store.     We are in the process of transitioning to a non profit that will be focused on strengthening our local food systems.  Our objective will be to work with other farmers in the region to make more nutrient dense food available to everyone. 

Our team is made up of the farm's owners and a full time property manager.  

Job description

We are looking for someone to help part time with the care of our 250 laying hens on Saturday and Sundays – hours are flexible.  Minimum number of hours is 10.  Maximum number of hours is 20.  Depends on individual's availability.  Our farm systems allow someone to design a work schedule that works for them.  For example, if the person prefers to wash eggs during the week, that would be fine.  If you only have time for chores and can't wash eggs, that is fine too.  We just want someone committed to the animal's care.  You may also grow into the position to do work for the non profit as it develops.


  • Daily / Weekly Laying Hen care:  
    • Providing hens with food and fresh water;
    • In winter months, add straw bedding and muck out areas as needed;
    • Move Layer house – every couple weeks in winter/early spring and daily in the spring, summer and fall;
    • Care for Luna our livestock guardian dog; 
    • Collect eggs;
    • Build fences for pasture rotation;
    • Wash and pack eggs;
    • Clean feeders and nesting boxes periodically;

Required skills:

  • Previous experience in farming is preferable, but not essential.
  • Be proactive, energetic and flexible, and able to work independently.
  • Ability to lift a 50lb. bag.
  • A positive attitude is a must!

Together, with our community, we believe we can build a sustainable food system.   


Compensationthis position is : hourly, $20/hr +

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