Juvenile Detention Superintendent – Peoria, IL

Juvenile Detention Superintendent

Peoria County Courthouse

Peoria, IL


The Superintendent manages every aspect of the operations of the Peoria County Juvenile Detention Center including custody, medical/mental health services, social services, fiscal services, maintenance services, human resources, and other services. The Superintendent developments, reviews, and make revisions of the Policies and Procedures that govern the operation of the Juvenile Detention Center. The Superintendent ensures that the Juvenile Detention Center maintains compliance with professional standards and guidelines for the operation of Juvenile Detention Centers and the overall welfare the juveniles detained. This Superintendent is responsible for the supervision, safety, care, and counseling of the residents at the Peoria County Juvenile Detention Center in order to provide a secure, structured environment conducive to the physical safety and well-being of the residents.  


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