Journeyman Moldmaker – Roanoke, VA

Journeyman Moldmaker

P1 Technologies

Roanoke, VA


Job DescriptionThis position produces precision parts, and various injection molds for in-house use, in strict accordance with specified drawings, instructions and procedures, by using both manual and CNC-operated fabrication equipment. 

ESSENTIAL DUTIES• Review routing, work order, blueprints, Bill of Material, or other work specifications to conceptualize mold(s) to be built·  Compute fabrication dimensions and plan sequence of work steps to be taken· Measure and mark raw metal block to lay out machining work, using required measurement devices· Set up and operate both manual and CNC machinery to fabricate molds per routings or other instructions·  Heat-treat final molds as directed· Inspect finished molds to verify alignments and clearances for dimensional quality compliance·  Fit and assemble final molds, using fasteners and other required hand tools, per routing instructions· Smooth and polish flat and contoured surfaces of final mold(s), using appropriate abrasive tools·  Plan for corrective action when deviations from mold quality standards materialize

QUALIFICATIONS•High School Diploma or equivalent experience preferred· Must have acquired either certification as a Journeymanmold maker from a vocational school, technical center, high school or state/association apprenticeship, or equivalent training, experience and mold making proficiency in a manufacturing environment· Must have experience with Computer Numerical Control(CNC)·  Must be able to operate complex machinery· Must have advanced understanding of print schematics/blueprints·   Must be proficient in shop math, including trigonometry, metric conversions and linear measurement·  Must be comfortable with extensive troubleshooting/problem solving·  Must be able to handle repetitive activities with concentration and patience·  Must be able to work with the pressure of deadlines·  Must be comfortable with on-the-job training, cross-training and training other toolmakers·  Must be able to work as a team player as well as independently, exploring and sharing ways to improve efficiency· Must be able to read, comprehend and carry out very detailed instructions, both written and oral· Must be able to maintain satisfactory attendance record and work overtime if required


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