Infrastructure Engineering – Atlanta, GA

Infrastructure Engineering

3i People

Atlanta, GA


We have
"Infrastructure Engineering"
with one of our direct clients in
Atlanta, Georgia.No third party candidates considered for this position. US citizens and all those authorized to work in the US are encouraged to apply.

Job Description

Infrastructure Engineering:

  • Azure experience, preferable ground up building and optimizing
  • Azure server creation
  • Azure/Cloud networking
  • Site to Site VPNs, etc.
  • Express routes
  • Azure costs association
  • Azure Virtual Desktop
  • Azure Dev Ops (possibly, depending on how involved infra will be with data ops plans)
  • Knowledge and ability to make calls concerning Cloud migration

Required Skills

Are we keeping Meraki?

If full server migrations, are we moving Meraki Hub to Azure?

  • Networking experience, not necessarily Meraki but would lean more to Cisco CLI since our core infrastructure runs that
  • L2/L3 some L7 depending on sec involvement
  • Cisco CLI
  • Core networking knowledge
  • Knowledge of traffic splitting and IPSLA set up
  • Site to Site VPN
  • Client to Server VPN
  • VLANing for clinic networks (PCI)

Microsoft O365 Admin

  • MFA
  • DLP
  • Sharepoint (how it works, etc)
  • Licensing costs/structure

All Admin Roles

  • Teams
  • Exchange
  • O365 portal
  • Sharepoint

Security Savvy – A lot of free room to make changes, need to make sure the candidate knows the basics of right and wrong when making changes

  • Knowledge of ISP providers and how ISPs operate, not necessarily ordering circuits but how the process works from install to troubleshooting.
  • Knowledge of cellular failovers
  • Powershell/Bash
  • Automation
  • Server Administration
  • Radius
  • GPO
  • AD
  • IIS
  • Windows Servers
  • Linux Servers
  • Vmware ESXI 7.0
  • Open API / Other API calls
  • Application integrations (UKG, etc.)

Possible ticketing solution experience?


  • Leading team
  • Leading charges on automation processes
  • Procurement
  • Standardization calls
  • Budgeting
  • Vendor Management
  • Solution Vetting/Suggestion
  • Oversight of clinical downtime
  • Oversight of engineering (should know engineering)
  • External Departmental liaison
  • Problem Solving
  • Asset Management
  • Ticketing Solutions
  • Time management of team


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