How to Become a Landscape Designer

Profession of Demand

Landscaping for Britains is a way to transform your garden, make it not only neat, but also provide harmony between nature and a residential building with all modern communications. Eight out of ten1 British people have an access to private garden, so when it comes to landscaping this issue is taking seriously. Because of such demand the landscaper usually has a decent salary. The average salary for a Landscape Architect is £30,849 per year in the United Kingdom.2

What is profession about?

There are specialties that are not directly related to art, but are still creative. Landscaping is one of them. The designer creates unique designs for gardens, parks and other areas, making them aesthetically pleasing and comfortable for people. Its task is to decorate the natural space with greenery, flowers, taking into account the location of communications, , wells, flower beds, trees, shrubs, etc. The specialist works according to a clearly developed plan, according to the project.

What knowledges does a landscape designer have?

To master the profession, you need to get a higher or secondary education in the specialty “architecture”, “design of the architectural environment”, “design”, “landscape design” or “garden and park and landscape construction”. Knowledge of the laws of design, knowledge of botany, the ability to draw, knowledge of special computer programs (AutoCad, etc.). In addition to basic knowledge of landscape design, such a master must also have an engineering mindset, good taste, developed imagination and a desire to make the world a better place.

Who is the profession for?

In landscape design, people with developed spatial thinking, graphic abilities and creative imagination will find themselves. The talent of the organizer is also important, since the author of the project, as a rule, coordinates the actions of the work team. Hence the next requirement: stress resistance. Difficulties in implementing the plan are common, and the responsibility falls on the designer.

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