Fuel Dock SupervisorAramark Lake Powell – Bullfrog, UT

Fuel Dock SupervisorAramark Lake Powell

Aramark Lake Powell

Bullfrog, UT


$120.00 for active employees who are working for 120 days, total calendar days, not actual working days. For example, if you started 4/1, you would be eligible for $120.00 if you are still employed on 7/29. For each day after that initial 120 days, you will receive $1.00 for each calendar day you remain employed. Using my example, if your last day of work was 9/30, you would receive $183 ($120 – 7/29 + $63 7/30-9/30, even if you only worked 15 days in that window.)

Employees must have a performance evaluation with an average rating of ‘on target’ or 'higher' to receive the bonus.

The Fuel Dock Supervisor is responsible for ensuring guest happiness at the marina location by navigating vessels, assisting guests with boat operations, accurately maintaining the dock area(s), and providing general customer service.  Essential functions and responsibilities of the position may vary by Aramark location based on client requirements and business needs. 

Bullfrog Marina, located in Utah, is five hours north by car from Wahweap Marina (95 miles by water), and is the other departure point from which a houseboat adventure can begin. The Defiance House at Bullfrog Marina offers 48 and a casual family restaurant. Bullfrog Marina is open year-round though operating hours vary by season.


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