Fire Fighter I – Tonopah, AZ

Fire Fighter I


Tonopah, AZ




Upon completion of the necessary training for becoming Fire Team Certified, the Fire Fighter I will participate as a member of the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Stations Fire Team by performing assorted fire prevention and fire suppression techniques and/or tactics; providing medical aid when requested; responding to and assisting with hazardous material incidents and technical rescue operations in accordance with established medical protocols and Palo Verde procedures. Follows Palo Verde procedures while using procedural adherence and guidance from the Palo Verde Safety Manuel when performing inspections, testing, maintenance, and operation of all fire protection, detection/suppression systems and related equipment. Utilizes the Updated Final Safety Analysis Report (UFSAR) and Technical Requirements Manual (TRM) to ensure all fire system impairments, fire watches, compensatory actions and Hot Work activities meet regulatory requirements.

Minimum Requirements

High school diploma or equivalent. Valid U.S. driver's license required (must obtain Arizona driver's license within 30 days of start date). Obtain and maintain Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) qualification. Meet Fire Department's fitness and agility standards and pass the Palo Verde Firefighter's physical exam OR be current in passing (within six months) the Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT). Minimum of three (3) years of full-time fire fighting experience OR six (6) years of volunteer fire fighting experience. National, State of Arizona or Department of Defense Fire Fighter II certification. State of Arizona and/or Nationally certified Emergency Medical Technician Basic Level (EMT-B). State of Arizona and/or Department of Transportation (DOT) Hazardous Materials Response Operation level certified. Appendix R training is preferred.
Nuclear requirement: Any PVGS employee may be called upon to serve as a member of the Emergency Response Organization (ERO) and will be expected to fulfill their obligation as an ERO member. This is a condition of employment at PVGS. Roles and Responsibilities defined in Policy 1503 and implementing policy guide are applicable to all PVGS employees.

Any PVGS employee may be called upon to support a refueling or short-notice outage. This includes line roles and responsibilities as necessary to execute outage activities.

Major Accountabilities

1) Must complete all requirements to become Fire Team Certified before eligible to perform any Fire Fighter I accountabilities.
2) Obtains and completes all requirements of the Job Qualification Cards (JQC) for each area of the Palo Verde Fire Protection Program to include: Fire Protection Procedures, PVNGS Procedures, fire inspections, surveillance testing and station duties. Obtains and maintains worker qualifications for the General Employee Training (GET) and Work Assignment (WA).
3) Responds to emergencies involving fire, medical, HazMat, and technical rescue.
4) Provides support as required for the Site Emergency Plan.
5) Maintains site emergency response apparatus and equipment in a high state of readiness.
6) Performs operator functions for site fire protection systems and equipment.
7) Implements administrative controls for fire protection, combustibles, ignition sources, system status and compensatory measures.
8) Provides vertical/horizontal feedback to achieve continuous Fire Protection program improvement.
9) Actively participates and assists with fire protection day-to-day operations as designated.



400 North 5th Street


Arizona United States

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