Farm ManagerCamp Rockmont – Black Mountain, NC

Farm ManagerCamp Rockmont

Camp Rockmont

Black Mountain, NC


The farm at Camp Rockmont is a picturesque 3 acre market garden and livestock farm located in Black Mountain, NC (a few minutes east of Asheville). During the Summer it serves as the epicenter of Camp Rockmont's homesteading program where campers participate in every aspect of the farm’s operations. In the Spring and Fall, the farm offers programming and produce for a multitude of events and workshops under the Lake Eden Preserve Events brand. The Farm Manager is responsible for all aspects of the farm’s successful operation.

From planning, planting and producing a harvest, to creating engaging curriculum / activities for Rockmont campers and LEP Guests, the Manager is the top position at the farm. This position has the ability to be either year round full time or seasonal part time work,
depending on the candidate and their qualifications, skills and experience, and schedule. It also has the potential to offer residential housing. 

Primary Responsibilities

  • Manage the Farm and Homesteading area
  • Design and implement an organic market garden using sustainable and regenerative agriculture practices that honor the Appalachian settler traditions
  • Establish and maintain organic market garden that include fruits, berries, vegetables, herbs, and ornamental plants
  • Manage the maintenance of and upkeep of farm property, equipment and tools
  • Work with the Camp Director to determine the best use of the surplus harvest and farm made provisions to outlets including:
    • The LEP/Rockmont food service operation
    • CSA subscription / Farm Share
    • Local, community based, non-profit(s)
    • Staff and neighbors who participate in harvesting and upkeep of the farm (sweat equity CSA)
  • Serve as the Skill Head for Homesteading
  • Design and implement a curriculum for a Homestead program suitable for children ages 6-16 that utilizes all aspects of the farm. Programs may include:
    • Summer camp
    • Family Retreats
    • LEP Member visits
    • School Group visits
  • Work with the Camp Director, Assistant Director – Program and Assistant Director – Staff to recruit, hire, train and manage summer staff and farm assistants/interns
  • Ensure adherence to applicable American Camping Association standards and provide required written documentation

Important Characteristics for the Position:

  • An organic and regenerative producer’s mentality; taking pride in producing food using traditional and modern methods that honor the indigenous and Appalachian settlers heritage.
  • An educator’s mentality; taking pride in teaching children and others about organic and regenerative agriculture
  • Eye for detail; the ability to “see” from the camper’s and guest’s perspective
  • Balance and perspective; ability to juggle multiple priorities
  • Servant leadership; the ability to manage and work with others with a servant’s heart
  • Integrity; the ability to earn trust and respect
  • Diplomacy; the ability to use tact and nuance with campers and guests when necessary
  • Strong work ethic; a willingness to jump in and help when/where necessary regardless of task to ensure a high quality experience for campers and guests
  • Organizational skills; the ability to implement and document a plan and its results
  • Communication skills; the ability to connect and stay connected with others

Requirements and Preferred Qualifications:

  • 3-5 years of organic farm management experience
  • Willingness to work untraditional schedules when necessary
  • Desire to work as part of a team
  • Ability to complete general repairs on a timely basis


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