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Company descriptionSavoie Organic Farm is a small family farm located on 40 acres nestled in the southern New Jersey Pinelands about 25 miles outside of Philadelphia.  Founded in 2005, the farm is owned and operated by Barry Savoie and Carol Di Meo. They specialize in a diverse selection of vegetables and herbs. Originally a thoroughbred horse farm owned by Carol’s father since 1955, the farm was converted to vegetable production by Barry and Carol in 2005 and was certified organic by the NJDA in 2007. They typically have 10 to 12 acres in production and employ cover cropping on the remaining acreage. Their products are primarily sold at four prominent farmers’ markets in southern New Jersey, Philadelphia, and New York City. Additionally, they supply produce to several fine dining establishments in Philadelphia and New York City. More information about the farm can be found at

Savoie Organic Farm is passionate about the cultivation of certified organic vegetables for their community and the environmental stewardship of their farmland that has been in Carol's family for over 60 years.  Barry and Carol are committed to growing high quality, nutritious food in a sustainable way that preserves the beauty and enhances the health of their farmland for future generations.  As second-career farmers, Barry and Carol approach their work with a particular reverence for what it means to work their land together towards a common goal: the ability to support their family from the fruits of their labor while preserving their farmland as an oasis amidst the ever-increasing suburban sprawl.  They take great pride and satisfaction in the working farm they have created as well as the production of great-tasting and healthy food for their own family and wider community.  The journey hasn't been easy; there were many pitfalls and lessons learned along the way to becoming a successful organic farm.  But Barry and Carol are both eager to share the knowledge and insights they have gained over the past sixteen years.  They have had the pleasure of working with many fine people who have played an integral role in achieving their farm's success.  They hope you will consider joining them for the opportunity to learn and grow beside them this coming farm season!
Job description

We are looking for two to four farm hands who are interested in working on our established organic farm. Full-time employees are preferred, but part-time applicants will also be considered.  We are seeking local residents living within commuting distance from the farm only. We have NO accommodations on the farm, so international or distant US applicants, please do not apply.Farm hands will participate in every aspect of our field-scale vegetable production, including starting and maintaining seedlings in our greenhouse, transplanting, direct seeding, weeding, harvesting, sorting, washing, packing, and pest and disease management. They will have the opportunity to learn both open field and high tunnel production.Applicants must be physically fit and able to lift 50 lbs. For their safety, all farm hands will focus on handwork and will not be operating farm machinery. These tasks are repetitive and often performed under adverse conditions (hot or inclement weather), so successful candidates must be willing to work hard no matter how tedious the task or what Mother Nature throws at us. Attention to detail and economy of motion are a must for efficiently getting the job done. To this end, we will teach you how to work smarter, not harder! Farm hands will also have the opportunity to work the farmers’ markets to gain experience with the marketing and sales aspect of farming. For these retail duties, a friendly attitude and the ability to accurately make change are a must.

Full-time positions will provide at least 40 hrs per week; overtime opportunities are often available during the height of the season.Successful candidates will be conscientious, dedicated, energetic, enthusiastic, hard working, punctual, and able to take direction and feedback. A strong work ethic is a must, and an inherent interest in organic farming is desired. Previous gardening and/or farming experience is a plus, but not required.

Our family farm is our sole livelihood, and our success depends on the consistent quality and dedication of our staff. If you are just looking for an escape, volunteer-work on a random basis, or are only marginally interested in farming, please do not apply. If you are ready to work hard, have fun, and learn a lot, then we look forward to hearing from you!

Compensationthis position is : hourly, $15-20/hr

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