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Flat Tack Farm

Vancouver, WA


Company description

Flat Tack Farm is a small scale, intensive market garden operating on approximately 3 acres in Vancouver, WA.  The farm is operated by Kelly Peters and Patrick Dorris.  They specialize in growing a wide variety of produce, all without the use of harmful chemicals while focusing on improving the land to a healthier state using holistic, natural practices.   They will be applying for Organic Certification this year.  They have a CSA that serves around 60 people, host a booth at the Downtown Vancouver Farmers Market on the weekend, grow for the local food bank and sell to local restaurants.  They also collaborate with other local farms in the area.


Our Mission:

  • To bring healthy, nutrient dense food to our community. 
  • To give more back to the land than we are borrowing from it and create abundant ecosystems. 
  • To offer educational opportunities to our members, volunteers, and community so they can learn and connect with how their food is grown and why it is so important to build local, small farms to feed our population. 
  • To create equal food access for members of the community via work trades, donations/scholarships, and matching state funds.

Job description

We are a small farm looking for two farm hands for the season that will work closely with the two owners. 


The position will help in all aspects of the farming operation including bed preparation, planting, harvesting, weeding, washing and packing veggies.  It is also possible that we would need someone to staff our market booth. 


Prior experience is appreciated, but not a requirement!  Enthusiasm and interest in growing food is a must.  This person must be comfortable with lifting and carrying heavy crates of produce (up to 50#), working in all types of weather and seasons, and have excellent attendance.  Because our business is located in an area without access to public transportation, we only recommend that applicants with access to a vehicle apply.

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  • Pay depends on experience $15.75-20/ hour.

  • Farm Food is available throughout the season.

  • Free attendance to farm events, classes and dinners.

Time Commitment Required:

  • April to November 17th, Subject to change depending on season

• Full Time: 4 days a week (Monday – Friday 8 to 10 hours/day).

• Part Time: 2 days a week (Monday-Tuesday or Thursday -Friday 8-10 hours/day).

• Possibly working one Weekend day to staff Market Booth


This is a wonderful opportunity to gain experience and knowledge in sustainable agriculture.  Farming can be a very physically and emotionally demanding job but is also incredibly rewarding.  Providing responsibly grown food for the local community is essential to the future of our food system. 

We only have the ability to hire local USA residents at this time.

Compensationthis position is : hourly, $15-20/hr

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