E & I Journeyman (Four Corners Power Plant) – Fruitland, NM

E & I Journeyman (Four Corners Power Plant)


Fruitland, NM



Job Description

The E&I Journeyman supports the safe, efficient and cost effective production of electrical energy by performing Instrumentation and Electrical Maintenance work.  Writes/reviews work scope and hazard/risk assessment of the work assignment.   

Minimum Requirements

  • Successfully complete E&I Apprenticeship or demonstrate equivalent skills and knowledge.
  • Must successfully pass the mechanical aptitude test (MASS)
  • Must qualify as Electrical and Instrumentation Journeyman or equivalent
  • Reasonable and necessary overtime will be required.
  • Shift work may be required.
  • This position requires working with aerial equipment, which has weight restrictions of 300 lbs or less

Major Accountabilities

  • Read work orders, Technical manuals, schematics, wiring diagrams, Control Wiring Diagrams (CWDs) and other diagrams related to the work assignment. Enters and manipulates data in a maintenance computer system to record maintenance activity. Maintains instrumentation lists, parameters and settings.  Uses troubleshooting software such as Pi, DB Doc, CITECT and vendor internet sites for graphs and trends. Operates recorders, desktop and laptop computers.
  • Inspects and tests electrical and instrumentation equipment and circuits and analyzes test data to identify malfunctions or defects using wiring diagrams and testing devices.
  • Removes, disassembles, calibrates and maintains electrical and instrumentation equipment, controls, fixtures and appliances including digital and analog controls, tune and maintain on line and off line configurations on Distributive Control Systems (DCS), solid state circuits, process flows and controls, programmable logic controllers, interlocks, recorders and frequency generators,  pneumatic and hydraulic actuators, positioners, pressure switches, flame scanners, control valves, dampers, thermocouples and RTDs, motors, batteries, battery chargers, Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS), gantry and overhead cranes, exciter brushes, grounding brushes, contactors and metering using hand tools and power tools, cuts, bends and threads pipe, tubing and conduit to specifications using tools such as pipe, conduit and tube cutters, benders and threaders.
  • Install, test, clean, remove, repair and troubleshoot medium and low voltage circuit breakers and related protective relay equipment and transformers.  Sets up, verifies settings and interprets data from protective relays. Install, inspects and repairs proper grounds on high voltage lines and transformers up to and including the generator.  Maintain grounding grids, perform cadmium welds, install grounding trucks/breakers following all grounding and bonding procedures using live line tools such as shotguns, hot sticks, rubber gloves, rubber mats and blankets, live/dead/live and arc flash procedures.
  • Knowledge of APM and safety standards related to electrical and instrumentation maintenance such as grounding and bonding procedures, arc-flash protection, Possible Asbestos Containing Material procedures (PACM), Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), confined space entry, Company LOTO  procedure, personal protective equipment including face, hand and body shields, the use and care of voltage rated rubber gloves, scaffold inspection, ladder safety, hazardous material handling and all material contained in the Accident Prevention Manual.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.



400 North 5th Street


Arizona United States


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