Distribution Systems Operator – Tampa, FL

Distribution Systems Operator

TECO Energy

Tampa, FL




Responsible for analyzing, coordinating, dispatching and documenting trouble, and switching tasks and using independent judgment to responsibly direct field personnel to respond to system problems, customer problems and requests within Tampa Electric's distribution system.


Performs complex technical assignments; Has decision-making responsibility requiring discretion and independent judgment with limited direction from Senior Distribution System Operator (DSO)/DCC Supervisor. 


  1. Assure that safety awareness is a way of life by verifying actual circuit configurations by checking primary maps in the Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS), and through clear and concise radio and/or phone communication with field forces before issuing energized work permits (EWP) and/or switching instructions.  Monitor location of field forces throughout the shift, and make sure that they are in the clear while working in an area or on a circuit that has experienced a circuit operation or other anomaly.  Assure that switching, tagging, and other information and instructions are received correctly over the radio and/or phone by requiring that field forces repeat through three-way communication of the information and instructions given. (20%)
  2. Use customer information, location and type of damage, primary circuit maps, ADMS, Energy Management System (EMS), and other resources to analyze trouble incidents, determine the problem and responsibly direct field personnel with appropriate action to resolve.  (20%)
  3. Monitor ADMS, and CAD for information and alarms to recognize present and potential customer problems, outages, or trouble with the distribution system, and use judgment to take appropriate actions to deploy field forces to resolve.  (10%)
  4. Install, and remove energized work permits and take back any energized work permit released. (10%)
  5. Document results of field visits to trouble call locations and report all unusual electrical system and customer problems to the DCC Supervisor/DCC Manager.  (10%)
  6. Coordinate and responsibly direct service area crews as needed to resolve system and/or Customer problems during normal/abnormal hours and storm conditions. (10%)
  7. Receive and enter customer calls into ADMS as needed to support Customer Inquiry during abnormal hours; use current cut-off information to determine whether and under what conditions to restore service. (10%)
  8. Decide the appropriate response and utilize ARCOS automated call-out program to call-in crews for emergency work. Call-out Troubleshooters, other DSOs, and Supervisors, as needed during emergencies. (10%)


TECO Energy

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