Digital Creative PM – New York, NY

Digital Creative PM


New York, NY


Job Description:


 Attend 6 weekly cross functional meetings: Site Team TB, E-D2C VP Status, Content Team Status, Digital Team Status,
Creative Team Status & US Team Status
 Attend larger project TB’s as needed
 Take notes and minutes in all attended meetings and circulate recaps to relevant people
 Briefs: upload to project management tool & create milestones and review timeline in project tracker
 Coordinate and function as a liaison to manage cross-functional meeting invites when required.
 Own and manage brief kickoff meetings with cross-functional teams
 Send weekly email on team’s project status updates
 Update project tracker daily if needed
 Send email reminders for project status’: impending deadlines, follow-ups on due dates, and alerts for missed deadlines and
 QA, organize and deliver assets for every project

 Direct and manage digital projects from beginning to end with goals, feedback deadlines, release deadlines and actionable
 Own the collaboration process with cross functional teams and leadership to establish, communicate and direct processes
for feedback and approvals from e-com, brand voice, creative and marketing managers
 Maintain team project tracker, establish calendar, tools, and planning strategy to achieve business initiatives
 Report on project status and workloads, establish calendar, tools, and planning strategy to achieve business initiatives
 Ensured the team, as well as cross-functional partners, complete projects and project goals in accordance with deadlines
 Assist with research of competitive sites or brand sites as needed

 Communicate expectations to team members and stakeholders on Creative, Brand Voice & Ecommerce, in a timely fashion
 Communicate changes to projects including scope, timelines, feedback rounds, deadlines and approvals
 Identify and communicate business priorities and provide next steps for relevant teams. Alert teams of changes in priorities
 Identify potential escalation issues and devise contingency plans. Alert all teams involved
 Hold regular production meetings and status updates
 Provide meeting notes and feedback notes to keep all teams aligned and informed and distribute minutes to all attendees

 QA all assets to insure everything is complete, referencing the brief
 Responsible for project asset upload onto OPERA system with communication to product owner and E-Com partners
 Ensure site experience assets are in OPERA systems and organized for markets to download
 Assist digital group with asset retrieval when needed


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