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Design Tech I-II (Location Varies)

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The Distribution Design Technician progression supports Tampa Electric Company's (TEC) distribution system construction and maintenance projects. The DDT create and/or process work requests in the work management system (WMS), determine customer requirements, prepare designs and estimates, obtain necessary work permits and coordinate activities with all involved TEC departments to ensure successful scheduling, completion of projects and customer satisfaction.


  • Meet with customers and/or their agents ("customers") to conduct needs and feasibility assessments on new construction projects and load additions, and to determine the schedule and required completion dates ("targeted schedule dates") of different construction phases.
    • Represent customers in weekly Pre-POW meetings with involved TEC departments. 
    • Manage communication to all involved entities concerning any updates in the construction schedule or other changes with potential impact, documenting updates through letters and e-mails, as necessary.
    • Coordinate the construction activities between TEC Planning & Scheduling, Field Construction, Operations and any other ED Departments.
  • Create and/or process work requests (WR) in the WMS.  Divide jobs into work phases/crews, establishing an associated WR for each of the different TEC construction phases/crews involved: including overhead line crews, underground line crews, service crews, grounding contractors, project conduits and crossing conduits.  Enter and continually update targeted schedule dates, work status and other project details in WMS for all associated WRs.
  • Perform analysis to determine the most economical and reliable solutions for customers and the TEC distribution system.  Estimate the electrical loads for customers with <50 kW demand (obtain from TEC New Construction for customers with >50 kW demand), and determine actual or proposed field measurements (such as span distances, conductor height/sizes, etc.). Model these conditions in the appropriate software applications (PoleForeman, etc.) to determine optimal equipment/material, strength and/or spatial specifications to meet customer needs while ensuring all results are in compliance with respective regulatory requirements.
  • Using TEC's geographical information system (GIS), draw the proposed and existing electrical features (company assets).  Establish all specifications in GIS, such as the correct electrical connectivity, proper supporting structures, and all compatible units (CUs) for materials and labor at the correct type and/or amount for each feature.   Resolve any identified errors in GIS, ensure all GIS task types are linked to the WMS work requests and upload GIS data to WMS.
  • Produce and/or oversee the production of construction prints and right-of-way permit drawings for Field Construction, Operations and/or contractors:
  • Verify that locations of TEC's existing and proposed equipment and any third parties' infrastructures (water, sewer, storm, gas, telephone, and cable lines) are adequately identified on the construction prints, and equipment specifications are captured.
  • Based on the scope of construction and company safety standards, determine necessity and scale of the Maintenance-of-Traffic (MOT) plan that Field Construction, Operations, and/or contractors would need for completing work in the right-of-way.
  • Produce construction cost estimates (including labor, materials, and vehicle) and obtain/calculate projected four-year revenue as needed.  Determine and communicate the need for Contribution-In-Aid-of-Construction (CIAC) charges to customers based on TEC revenue shortage/excess costs in the following situations:
  • Estimated TEC construction costs exceed the projected four-year TEC revenue for the project.
  • For customer-requested underground installations, underground construction costs exceed the costs of the standard overhead installation.
  • In support of Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, review financial data in WMS related to Engineering, Field Construction and Operations construction and maintenance activities.  Verify activities are coded to the correct classification and charged to the appropriate accounts (Capital vs. O&M).
  • Using visual and physical procedures, investigate, examine and test the integrity of company equipment to determine the need for replacement or upgrade.  Upon successful completion of proper training, will access and inspect energized equipment and install current/voltage recording devices (RVM) for trouble shooting.


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