CPA Affiliate Network: What Is It and Why You Should Join

Let’s say, you have a website or a blog on social media and you want to monetize it using affiliate marketing. First of all, kudos to you, as if you started considering monetizing online projects – you’re already halfway to turning your passive income dream into reality. But you might have some reservations.

Every year there are tons of articles on the internet saying affiliate marketing is dead and there is no way you can earn on it. This assumption is mostly based on the fact that competition on the internet has escalated these days with thousands of websites being created daily. The truth is quite the contrary: affiliate marketing is alive and thriving, and it will be until eCommerce vanishes and people stop buying anything online. In the foreseeing future it’s not going to happen, so if you wanted to try affiliate marketing or considered going with it to the next level, it’s high time for it. And the best way to do so is working with a CPA network.

What is affiliate marketing

 Affiliate marketing is the form of marketing where an affiliate earns a commission for promoting another company’s products and services. An affiliate owns a website or a blog on social media and puts an affiliate link provided by an advertiser on their website. Their visitors or subscribers click on the link, go to the advertiser’s website, buy or book something and voila – the affiliate earns a piece of the profit from a sale. The sales are tracked via unique codes in the affiliate links.

Why Be an Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn a passive income or at least get a side hustle. What makes it so different from other forms of online business ideas is that it doesn’t require any type of investment from the affiliates. As a publisher you don’t need to pay a dime for being an affiliate: you simply wait for your visitors or subscribers to make a purchase from the advertiser’s website. It’s absolutely safe and you can quit promoting any time you want. But as the experience of millions of successful affiliates proves, not so many actually want to.

Statista reported that affiliate marketing spending in the United States is forecasted to reach 8.2 billion U.S. dollars by 2022, compared to 5.4 billion recorded in 2017. Advertisers rely on affiliates to broaden their audience and boost their sales, and publishers turn their online projects into a passive income source by making from $800 to more than $100 000 a month.

Nevertheless, as with any business, if you want to succeed, you need to put in some effort. First and foremost, you need a highly popular website or blog, with lots of interesting and useful content. It might seem easy to achieve that, it isn’t that easy to sustain. You have to come up with interesting ideas, provide high-quality content, and search for advertisers to monetize your traffic. Those who tried it will confirm that – it isn’t easy. That’s why working with a CPA network is a solution.

What is a CPA Network 

 A CPA network links advertisers and publishers. It’s primary function is similar to a dating agency, making it possible for both advertisers and publishers to find each other and reach their goals. A CPA network accumulates affiliate offers from various advertisers for different niches or if it works with a particular niche, then within that niche. So CPA network does all the hard work making partnerships and approving companies and brands, providing its affiliates a unique access to the products and services which would organically fit their online projects and earn them money.

Benefits of Joining CPA Network

If you’re familiar with managing a website or with blogging, you know that time is gold. In the very beginning you need to spend time building everything from scratch, creating interesting content and attracting an audience. When your website or blog has eventually started to generate traffic, you can’t relax, on the contrary, you need to work even more: coming up with new ideas, keeping an eye on new trends, and observing what your competitors are doing.

On top of this, you will have to spend your time searching for advertisers and affiliate programs. If you have a team, that’s doable, but if you work alone, it can be just too much. Here is what CPA network can provide you with to make your affiliate journey smooth and easy:

  1. Accessibility

Instead of having to hunt down multiple advertisers, inquiring about their affiliate programs, comparing conditions and applying to each of them separately, you just join a reputable network and choose the programs you want to apply, filtering them by categories and payouts.

2. Guaranteed payouts

Almost every affiliate who has started on their own has a story or two about how they dealt with some fly-by-night company that didn’t pay them their commissions at all or at least a big part of it. Working with a network you won’t have to worry about being underpaid, because most networks provide all the necessary tools to track the conversions from your side as well as the standardized and automated procedure of payments.

3. Flexible payout methods

While separate programs may have their own methods of payouts, most networks offer multiple payout methods, so that you don’t have to get lost in all these multiple payment services, you just choose the one which is best for you.

4. Quality

When hunting for affiliate programs all by yourself, you have to wait for the response and moderation results from affiliate managers at all the advertisers you apply for. Imagine going through this with each advertiser you want to work with. All those who have experienced this, know that sometimes you just have to lower your bar and go to less known small companies just to save your time. Reputable networks establish high-quality partnerships with big companies. Thus, affiliates get access to the best programs and the best advertisers, all at one platform. No need to compromise, you just apply straight to the programs from top companies and promote high-quality products and services.

5. Unique programs

No wonder, some advertisers are even exclusive to one network. It’s a sign of special trust to the work standards of this network. For example, Indoleads launched an exclusive program with the leader of the audiobooks market,, making it the only network whose affiliates can join and earn by promoting

6. Support

When searching and applying for affiliate programs directly, you should be prepared to deal with all technical issues alone. Hardly any programs provide you with the technical support. Working with CPA Network means you will get the dedicated support from your personal manager. For example at Indoleads every affiliate is assigned a personal manager who is always in touch, explains how to use the system properly, advises on the offers that can be the best fit for your audience, and shares some tricks of converting ads and optimizing your work.

Wrapping It Up

Affiliate marketing can become a stable source of income if you treat it seriously, and by this we mean putting effort into developing your website or blog. Working with a CPA network doesn’t mean getting more advertisers compromising your income, actually it means combining these two together, making affiliate marketing much easier by enabling you to delegate technical stuff as well as partnerships establishing process to the team of professionals. In the meantime you just concentrate on providing high-quality content and broadening your audience.

If you’re looking for a reputable CPA network, Indoleads is exactly what you need. Indoleads has been working in the affiliate marketing industry since 2006 and has earned the trust of more than 30 000 affiliates around the world. The CPA network headquarters is in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, with local offices in 7 countries from Brazil to Vietnam. Its international team speaks multiple languages and consists of seasoned affiliate marketing professionals. Indoleads has more than 2000 offers from top-notch advertisers for different niches and its unique affiliate marketplace additionally accumulates more than 3000 offers from partner networks. Don’t let your passive income dreams stay dreams forever, turn them into reality! Register at Indoleads in a few clicks and get your affiliate marketing to the next level!