CNA – Long Term Care – American Falls, ID

CNA – Long Term Care

Power County Hospital District

American Falls, ID



Position Description:

Promote achievement of District goals. *Observe and enforce safety precautions for all District personnel, patients and visitors. *Maintain a thorough knowledge of District fire, disaster, hazardous material and MDS plan. *Control resources and processes toward the attainment of department and District goals, objectives and the optimum provision of services. * Function as part of Nursing Team assisting in nursing care, to patients/residents performing designated nursing tasks under the direction of a licensed Nurse (RN/LPN) and in compliance with “Minimum Standards of Care by a Licensed Nursing Assistant” at the bedside providing, observing, collecting data and reporting to the RN/LPN on care provided or needed.


Major Responsibilities: (but, not limited to)

Adheres to District policies and procedures

Understands and practices Universal Precautions and follows the O.S.H.A. Standards, uses proper body mechanics

Follow the shift procedures in planning and delivery of patient/resident care following RN/LPN instructions in coordination with the Care Plan

  • Use of Point click care for charting all cares provided by the CNA
  • Assists patients/residents with Activities of Daily Living skillfully with consideration for the individual patient/resident’s needs:
  • Bathing, oral hygiene
  • Care of hair and nails (nails of non-diabetic patients)
  • Toileting, bowel and or bladder training
  • Dressing
  • Turning, positioning, and ambulation
  • Feeding/hydrating
  • Provides for patient/resident privacy
  • Maintains a clean, safe, and orderly environment in patient rooms, activity, and treatment areas
  • Work areas clean, orderly, and free of hazards
  • Equipment used appropriately and safely
  • Maintains equipment and supplies (reports needed repairs)
  • Answers call lights and assist device soundings promptly
  • Participates as an effective member of the Nursing/District Team
  • Arrives to work as scheduled/is punctual
  • Is well groomed and adheres to dress policy
  • Completes task in a timely manner/uses work time wisely
  • Acts individually without prompting/makes independent decisions
  • Reports patient/resident observations/changes accurately and timely
  • Reinforces patient/resident teaching plans
  • Accepts and performs assignments for which qualified
  • Completes task as assigned in a timely manner
  • Provide assistance to other team members, works in various settings
  • Is aware of own limitations and seeks appropriate resource assistance
  • Complies with Federal, State regulatory requirements
  • Follows institution’s policies and procedures
  • Attends at least 85% of staff development programs and CNA training and or does training separately
  • Contributes to a hospitable environment/provides spirit of cooperation
  • Maintains a positive attitude toward work and co-workers

Knowledgeable in application of restraints and adheres to necessary safety precautions and state regulations of restraints

Maintains patient/residents’ confidentiality at all times                                            

Assist with stocking and restocking when necessary and assures patient/residents charges are recorded appropriately

Communicates effectively through the chain of command

Willing to expand technical skills; learn new skills in specialty areas as allowed by NA-C Standards of practice

Perform other related duties as may be requested or assigned


*Successful completion of Certified Nursing Assistant training program and certification by the State of Idaho

*References indicating honesty, good attendance, dependability, performance and leadership abilities.

*English language skills adequate for effective communications with staff, patients, and medical and allied support personnel.

*Able to read and follow directions with adequate visual and hearing acuity.

*Positive supportive approach to position and co-workers.

*Computer skills.

*Good general health.

*Work is active, able to lift (50) pounds, twisting, and bending required.

*Able to tolerate long periods of standing and walking.

*Ability to deal positively in stressful situations.

*Willing to work varied shifts, weekends and holidays when appropriate.

  • Current Shifts available are 2p-10p, rotating weekends.


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