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Afton, WY


Company description

Squire Farms is a small family farm. We are located on 20 acres 1h30 min from Jackson Hole. The Grand Tetons and Yellowstone are just close by, national forest could be your new back yard !
We are a happy mix between a French traditional farm and a traditional Star Valley, Wyoming homestead. Suzanne is a French Cheesemaker (I studied at ENILV La Roche sur Foron) and Dustin’s families helped settling the valley on both sides !
We are specialized in Dairy Products, but we also raise 400 laying hens, a few steers, pigs, have too many horses… We make a lot of preserves and pickles, we grow or forage most of everything we use for them… Today, All of everything we produce is sold directly to the customers through Farmer’s markets in Jackson. We produce some food through the Wyoming food freedom act, it doesn’t sound like much, but it allows us to be the only farm in the USA selling FRESH RAW CHEESE ! This year, we are upgrading our creamery to be USDA compliant, allowing us to sell to restaurants, retailers and across state lines ! 

We are proud to be a part of the slow food movement. We are proud practice a sustainable agriculture. Suzanne Studied Agro-ecology for many years.


our website is down, check us out on instagram or Facebook. @squirefarms



Job description

Squire Farms is looking for someone to help full time with production. Someone that will enjoy the cows company, as you will be in charge of milking and also enjoy helping running the creamery. We have 9 dairy cows, a happy mix of jerseys and guernseys without forgetting our Brown Swiss Stacy. 

Once morning milking, starts the creamery work :
Cheese make : out of the USDA creamery In order to be made of raw milk, all our cheeses will have to be aged 60 days minimum. You will participate in the  making of  Tome, Alpine cheeses and a Raclette. Out of the non inspected space we will make our fresh raw cheese that we flavor with herbs and condiments that we grow on the farm or buy at the farmers market. 
Yogurt make : this is one of your biggest responsibilities, Yogurt is one of our specialty. We make a French style cream top yogurt in quart jars that is very appreciated of our customers. 
Cave Work : caring for all the wheels of cheese in the cave is also one of your responsibilities. You must find satisfaction in the slow process of cheese aging. Seeing each wheel grow into the perfect wheel to send to market. 
Cleaning and dishes : hygiene is a big part of the job. Keeping the creamery in perfect shape is your responsibility. 

We aren’t looking for someone with special instruction.  We are much more appreciative of motivation. 
However we would be appreciative of :

– Someone that has worked in the food industry or other industry where they would have learned the hygienes basics and how fun washing dishes is. 
– Someone with experience with large animals/dairy industry
– Someone with education in about any aspect of food industry/agriculture. 
– Must be punctual, no call no show is not an option when animals depend on you. 

We could adapt the position to the person, if you are fascinated by any aspects of our operation we could try to make you a part of it ! 

We can offer housing

Compensationthis position is : salaried, 35,568* – 50k

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